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Finding Car Accessories That Compliment Your Style

What does your car interior say about you? Although keeping a tidy cabin is crucial, it might not be sending the right message to your friends and family members. For example, if your car is simply clean, people might not be able to catch a quick glimpse of your personality. However, by adding the right auto accessories, you can make your car look incredible--inside and out. My blog is all about teaching other people what is out in the world of auto accessories, so that you can find products that work well for you. Read on to learn how to make your car incredible.


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How Telematics Fleet Tracking Can Help Your Company

If your company has several vehicles for making deliveries or service calls, then you may find a telematics fleet tracking system useful. With a telematics system, you can combine GPS coordinates with internet connectivity to stay in constant contact with your employees when they are in the field. Here are ways a fleet tracking system will benefit your company.

You Know Where Each Vehicle Is At All Times

A GPS system in the truck or van pinpoints the exact location of the vehicle whether it is moving or parked. This data is stored in the system for generating reports. When you use it for real-time location, you'll know where each employee is so you can choose a truck in a convenient location for a service call, or you can see how well your crew is progressing with their calls and deliveries.

The Reports Show Trends And Employee Behavior

When you run reports on stored data, you can tell how long employees were parked and the exact routes the vehicle drove each day. This lets you know if an employee is parking and goofing off or doing personal errands on company time.

Employee data can also be compared to identify employees that are far out of the norm when it comes to productivity. This lets you know who needs additional training.

You can also run various reports that show trends of peak performance so you can schedule field work for those times and avoid times when productivity is slow due to increased traffic or some other reason. The data also creates mileage reports, driving time, and work hours.

GPS Is Helpful For Navigation

Even if your drivers are very familiar with the area, a GPS system can make sure a driver never gets lost. GPS also identifies road work a driver may not know about so an alternate route can be taken. The system can even calculate the quickest way to get to a destination to cut down on the time your employees sit in traffic.

Internet Connectivity Makes Communication Easy

A telematics system allows you to communicate with each driver to alert them to schedule changes or to provide information. This is a safer option than calling the driver's cell phone when they're on the road. You'll never have to wonder what your employees are up to since the GPS tracking shows their exact location at all times, and you can speak to them constantly throughout the day through the internet.

If you have a small fleet, a basic system might be all you need. If you have a lot of vehicles on the road and several employees, then a more robust telematics fleet tracking system is helpful since it can automatically create useful reports about your fleet and your employees.